The Dutch Dream..the stroopwaffel

An ancient recipe

We can’t think of a life without our stroopwafel. Up to 350 million waffels are eaten in one year! But where does it actually come from? It first saw daylight in a bakery in the 18th century. The baker had a lot of leftover cookie crumbs and decided to create a new cookie out of it (how sustainable!).

Unfortunately the cookie was so dry, it shattered on the ground. That gave the baker the idea to stick two waffles together with sticky syrup. Tada! There it was: our beloved stroopwafel.

Then there
was Waffel

The famous stroopwafel has lived in the heart of Dutch people for years. And the recipe still works. Waffel thought that it was time to give the waffle a little makeover and dressed it with some new, amazing jackets. Like white chocolate, rose leaves, caramel sea salt and savory versions with cheese and avocado.
You can’t say no to that, right? Of course we bake waffels to its original recipe as well.

In our store each and every stroopwaffel is freshly baked right in front of you. And we’ll hand it to you after we turned it into a beautiful piece of art. It’s not all about flavour these days, it’s about the eye too. We’ll make sure to take care of that.