The new classic. The  famous Stroopwafel is now even more irresistible with extra spices and our one-of-a-kind syrup.  So much yes!


Can it get any sweeter? A white chocolate topping, caramel fudge and a good pinch of salt makes this Stroopwaffel a paradise in your hands. It’ll leave you begging for more.


This 100% vegan Stroopwaffel  is made with spelt- buckwheat and teff flour and sweetened with raw sugar. It also has a filling of delicious date syrup and lemon zest. Sweet!


Our Stroopwaffel with kurkuma and ginger is a bittersweet symphony of flavours. We’ll top it off with dark chocolate, orange peel and sugar candied cinnamon. Mouth watering!


Feeling a little romantic? Pick this lovely, flowery Stroopwaffel. Topped off with white chocolate, dried rose leaves, lavender leaves and pink pear sugar. You’ll be in love after the first bite.


Celebrate life with two typically Dutch traditions melted into one. Our classic Stroopwaffel topped off with white chocolate and festive pink or blue candied anise seeds. Oh, baby!


You’ll never go back! This black Stroopwaffel is made with  black dough and topped off with black chocolate and 24-carat gold flakes. Camera ready?

Wonder Waffels


This 100% vegan Waffel is special for everyone. It’s made of spelt- buckwheat and teff flour and filled with vegan wasabi mayo, avocado, nori seaweed and beetroot. A must-try!


A cup filled with crunchy Stroopwaffel crumbs, Greek yoghurt, fresh raspberries, red berries, strawberries and a mild sweet lavender-berry cordial. Remember people, there is always room for dessert!


Let’s try something new! This green, savoury (!) Stroopwaffel with spirulina and pumpkin seeds is filled with tahini, creamy feta cheese, smoked paprika powder and fresh rocket salad. Did somebody say lunch?


Jammie, jammie! Deze speciale Waffel is rijkelijk gevuld met pindakaas en aardbeienjam, afgetopt met karamelsaus, vanille ijs en Stroopwaffelkruimels. Daar maak je iedereen jaloers mee.

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